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The Western part of India constitutes the states of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra, besides union Territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli.
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Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Situated on the banks of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is the 6th largest city in India. In conversational Gujarati language, the city is popularly called “Amdavad”. Founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1411, Ahmedabad then served as the Gujarat Sultanate's capital.....

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Alibaug (Maharashtra)

Alibaug is a small town located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Often considered as a weekend getaway for the tourists, Alibaug is equipped with few of the most beautiful picnic spots of Maharashtra. The town is named after a wealthy Israeli who owned several fruit orchards here, hence the name Ali’s Bag (garden) or Alibaug.....

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Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

There are various cities that boast of picturesque landscapes, snow capped mountains and world famous monuments. While some possess the best of natural beauties, some offer stunning efforts of man in the forms of monuments, buildings, forts and many more....

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Daman (Gujarat)

Daman is the tiny union territory which was the Portuguese enclave and situated on the southern side of the Gulf of Cambay. Geographically, Daman and Diu are the part of the state of Gujarat and connected to the mainland of Gujarat by a causeway. The small town of Daman is like Diu which is a tiny island in the Arabian Sea and covers an area of 380 square km....

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diu beach

Diu (Gujarat)

Daman and Diu are the two tiny union territories which were the Portuguese enclaves. Geographically, Daman and Diu are the part of the state of Gujarat and connected to the mainland of Gujarat by a causeway. Diu is a tiny island in the Arabian Sea, about 11 kms. long and 3 kms. wide, separated from the coast by a narrow channel running through the swamp and two tiny mainland enclaves.....

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dwarkanath temple

Dwarkanath Temple (Gujarat)

Dwarkanath Temple, nestled in the holy city of Dwarka, lies on the coast of river Gomti. Considered to be the ancient kingdom of Lord Shri Krishna, Dwarka is also home to a number of religious spots and temples.It is said that the original temple was built by Lord Krishna's grandson, Vajranabha, who built it on top of the Lord's abode, Hari Griha.....

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gandhi nagar

Gandhi Nagar (Gujarat)

The city of Gandhinagar is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River in the north eastern region of Gujarat. This is the capital city of the western state of Gujarat. It is a part of the industrial hub of the region. The Akshardam temple is one of the famous temple in Gandhinagar. This temple belongs to the wealthy Hindu Swaminarayan Group....

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West India Best Holiday Packages

Western India comprises of the states of Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and the union territory of Daman and Diu. It is primarily famous for places like Mumbai, Goa, Rann of Kutch, the cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora and the Wildlife Sanctuaries in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

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Maharashtra Tour

15 days | FROM INR ------

Northeast India is the eastern-most region of India. It is connected...

Udaipur Gujarat Tour

16 days | FROM INR ------

Gujarat, India's westernmost state, has varied terrain and...

North India Best Holiday Packages

North India is a loosely defined region consisting of the northern part of India. The dominant geographical features of North India are the Indus-Gangetic Plain and the Himalayas, which demarcate the region from the Tibetan Plateau and Central Asia.

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Best Of Rajasthan

6 days | FROM INR ------

Rajasthan is a northern Indian state bordering Pakistan. Its palaces and forts...

Camel Safari Tour

12 days | FROM INR ------

One of the most unforgettable and enchanting experiences you can...

Pilgrimage Tour

16 days | FROM INR ------

India is the global brand leader of pilgrimage tours as several....

Rajasthan Wildlife

09 days | FROM INR ------

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, before a princely game conserve...

Golden Triangle Tour

09 days | FROM INR ------

The land of Kings is known for its brave Rajputs, magnificent forts...

Khajuraho & varanasi

10 days | FROM INR ------

Madhya Pradesh is land of great antiquity. Madhya Pradesh is the home...

Himalayan Adventure

07 days | FROM INR ------

Himalayan Adventurers is one of the first adventure and culture tour operators...

Jodhpur Safari

07 days | FROM INR ------

Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. It was formerly...

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