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Kangra Valley Travel


The picture perfect valley of Kangra lies in the western part of Himachal Pradesh, spreads between the Shivalik foot hills and the Dhauladhar range. Kangra valley is an ancient place, said to be 3,500 years old. Historically known as Nagarkot, Kangra was founded by Katoch Kshatriya Rajputs of Chandervanshi lineage. Many north India rulers has attacked Kangra and looted its precious treasures.

Kangra valley is positioned at an altitude of 733m and at the confluence of Bener river, Majhi river and Beas river. It comprises some famous towns namely Dharamshala (district headquarter), Kangra, Mcleondganj, Palampur, Masoor, Bajinath etc.

Apart from its scenic beauty, Kangra valley is renowned world wide for its unique art and craft forms. Pahari style of miniature paintings of this region are the most popular art form of this region.

Places To Visit:

Kangra valley glorious past is evident through its various significant historical monuments and its sacred temples.

Kangra Art Museum:
Kangra art museum is a repository of Kangra valley's arts and crafts. It exhibits artifacts that dated back to 5th century. This museum includes a gallery of famous paintings, sculptures, potteries and anthropological items. Shamiyanas and traditional attires of members of royal family, old carved doors, jali, coins, jewellery and manuscripts are also on display. It also houses the works of contemporary artists, sculptures and photographers.

Kangra Fort
Kangra Fort:
Bhuma chand, the founder of Katoch dynasty has built the Kangra fort. Located on the banks of river Ban Ganga, Kangra fort had been the centre of attraction for various rulers of Northern India. From Raja of Kashmir, Shresta to Muhammad Gazni to Muhammad Tughlaq to Jehangir to Britishers all has sacked Kangra fort and looted its treasures. Darshani Darwaza( an old gate) is the most attractive part of this fort. Laxmi Narayan temple and Adinath dedicated to Jainism are built on the foreground of this fort.

Brajeshwari Temple:
This beautiful temple is situated in Kangra town. Once filled with numerous precious stones like diamonds and pearls, this ancient temple is dedicated to living deity-Brajeshwari devi. On hearing its enormous wealth, Mahmmud Ghazni and some other Muslim rulers has attacked this temple and looted all its treasures.

Jwalamukhi Devi Temple:
Positioned at a distance of 34km (21.13 miles) southwest of Kangra town, Jwalamukhi temple is one of the important shrine of North India. It is unique temple where natural jets of flame flare out from the hillside covered by an ancient structure.

Apart from them there are some more historical and spiritual places that are dotted in Kangra valley such as Chamunda Devi Temple, Baidyanath Temple, Sujanpur-Tira fort, Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake, Tashijong Gompa etc.

Adventure Activities To Do:

Kangra valley is an ideal destination for adventure sport activities. Various annual adventure sports are oragnised by the State government in Kangra valley to woo large number of adventure seekers.

Kangra valley has abundance of trekking routes. Most of the trek starts from Dharamshala, Palampur or Bajinath and ends at Bharmaur and Chamba. Dharamshala to Chamba over Bhimghasutri Pass, Dharamsala to Holi and then to Manimahesh over Talang Pass; Palampur to Holi over Shinghor Pass; Palampur to Dharamsala via Indradhar Pass and Baijnath to Manali over Thamsar Pass, are some of the existing treks.

There are many peaks between 3,500m to 5,000 in Dhauladhar ranges that are best site for mountaineering.

Hang Gliding:
Bir and Billing are two famed site for hang gliding in India. Bir is 3.5 km (2.17 miles) from Palampur and Billing is 14 km (8.7 miles) away from Bir. Himachal Pradesh Tourism sets up tented colony to help hang gliders in the month of May/June.

Apart from these adventure sports, there are some more activities like rock climbing and fishing, which can also attract adventure seekers.

Best Time To Visit:

As Kangra is a hilly resort, therefore it will be best to visit this picturesque place in summer season. Time period from March to June is the ideal time to visit Kangra.

How To Reach:

By Road: Kangra town is well connected by roads. Regular Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation buses and private buses runs from Shimla, Dharamshala, Patankhot, Dalhousie, Manali and also from Delhi, Shimla to Kangra.

By Rail: It is very easy to reach Kangra from Pathankot. Narrow gauge line from Pathankot passes through Kangra. Broad gauge railhead is at Pathankot, which is approximately 86km (53.44 miles) away from Kangra. Kangra Valley Express(a narrow gauge train operates between Pathankot and Baijnath).

By Air: The nearest airport to Kangra is at Gaggal which is 8 km (5 miles) away from this town and 14 km (8.7 miles) from Dharamshala. Weekly Flights are available from Delhi to Kangra.

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