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Jaisalmer Fort

This royal fortification in the Desert Empire is a paradox in itself. In a complete divergence to the unexplored periphery town, which is a tourist hot spot, the remote western part of Jaisalmer remains desolate by people, not daring to tramp into the barren desert. The palaces and havelis of this princely city are booming with the elegant sense of the Rajput kings. The city life captivates medieval honor that is absolutely manifested in its imposing palace, havelis, temples and in folk of camels. Every house in the city is exquisitely carved and dates back to 12th - 15th century making Jaisalmer a museum city.

Main Attractions of Jaisalmer City

Jaisalmer Fort
Nearly a quarter of modern Jaisalmer lies inside the defensive boundaries of this majestic fort. Jaisalmer Fort is chiseled out of golden- yellow sandstone delineates the crowning glory of Jaisalmer.

Manak Chowk
Manak Chowk is the main market area of Jaisalmer situated on the outskirts of the fort. The streets residing with carved Havelis are facilely approachable from this market place.

These virtual art museums were the mansions constructed by the wealthy merchants and traders of this erstwhile trading hub. The workmanship involved in the building and crafty of these mansions mesmerizes the onlookers. Most Havelis are constructed between 12th-15th century. Main attractions are Patwon-ki-Haveli, Jaisalmer Haveli, Nathmalji-ki-Haveli, and Salim singh-ki-Haveli.

Besides these places, the tourists also throng to the placed like lakes such as the Gadsi Sagar tank and exquisitely carved Jain temples inside the fort.

Jaisalmer Camel Safari

Excursions from Jaisalmer City

Excursions from Jaisalmer City are especially focussed around Akal- 16 km away from the city known as a fossil park dating back to about 180 million years; Lodurva - 17 km away, famous as an ancient capital of Jaisalmer; the Bada Bagh -6 km away, an oasis nestling on the bank of an artificial lake and the Desert National Park -40 km away, a great wild reserve maintaining the eco-system of the desert by housing wild treasures like-monitor lizards to desert vegetation.

Other Attraction of Jaisalmer

Desert Festival
Desert Festival is held every year around January-February. The main attractions of the festival are its camel races, folk dances, colorful bazaar and traditional singing of folk songs. This resplendent festival showcases the distinct facets of Rajasthani life and culture.

Camel Safaris
Jaisalmer also organizes many tours on Camel Safari conducted on different routes in the Thar Desert, offering many options to hunt and explore those territory which can not be tread on foot by visitors.

Palace on Wheel
The Palace on Wheels tours are conducted by Rajasthan Tourism covering the entire city of Jaisalmer and other major cites of Rajasthan. The tour is a royal ride across the sand of the vigorous desert foretelling the history of the rise and fall of many Rajaputana Regeime.


Shopping in Jaisalmer is a real pleasure, the main attractions for the tourists in the market of the city are its textiles embedded with mirror work, embroidery, and ornaments. The famous shopping areas are Sadar Bazaar, Manak Chowk, Sonaron ka Bas, Pansari Bazaar and the outlets run by Rajasthan Government.

How To Reach

Air: The nearest airport is Jodhpur -285 km. The tourist can board a flight to Jodhpur and can drive or take a train to Jaisalmer.

Rail: Jaisalmer is connected with Jodhpur by night train service .A meter- gauge line connects Jaisalmer with other important cities of India.

Road: Direct bus services to Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Ajmer and Jaipur are available from Jaisalmer.

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