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Haridwar literally mean as “Gates(dwar) of God(Hari)” is a pilgrimage destination of Hindus in Northern India. Haridwar is the place where the river Ganges descends to the plains. Before entering to Haridwar, river Ganges emerges from its final rapids past the Shivalik Hills.

From time immemorial, Haridwar is considered as a major Shaktipeeth and believed to have sanctified by the Lord Brahma, Vishnnu and Mahesh- the three most powerful God of Hindu mythology. Due to which people from various nook and corners of world comes here to purify their mind, body and soul. This place has immense importance in ancient Hindu scriptures and epics and variously mentioned as Mayapuri, Gangadhar and Mokhsadwar.

Haridwar is also popular as a gateway to the four pilgrimage destination of Uttarakhand namely Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri and Gangotri. It also host the Maha Kumbha Mela, happening once in every 12 years and the Ardha Kumbha Mela, takes place once in every six years.

Beside being a religious place, Haridwar is also famous as a center for learning arts, science and culture. It's unique Gurukul school of traditional education, scenic beauty, lush greenery (full with Ayurvedic medicines and herbal remedies, give the place a unique charm and flavor.

Places To Visit In Haridwar:

One of the oldest living cities of world, Haridwar has plentiful of alluring places within its kitty.

One of the major charming spot of Haridwar is Har-ki-Pauri. It is a sacred ghat built at the bank of river Ganges by King Vikramaditya, in memory of his brother Bhartrihari. This ghat is also known as Brahmakund and it is popular for the footprints of Lord Vishnu on a stone in a wall. Ganga Aarti Ceremony that takes place every evening at this ghat is a visual delight for every devotee. Ardent Hindu believers visit this place to take a holy dip in the pious water of river Ganga.

Mansa Devi Temple:
Situated just ½ km away from the city centre and constructed at the top of the Bilwa Parvat, Mansa devi temple is dedicated to Goddess Mansa, known to fulfill all desires. The temple consists two idols of the Goddess, one with three mouths and five arms while the other has eight armss. It is a popular tourist destination of Haridwar, especially because of the cable cars that offers a panoramic view of the entire Haridwar city.

Maya Devi Temple:
Dated back to 11th century, Maya Devi Temple is one of the ancient temple of Haridwar. Goddess Mayadevi is known as the Adhisthatri deity of Haridwar and also regarded as one of the Siddhapethas. It is also believed to be the place where the heart and navel of Goddess Sati had fallen.

Chandi Devi Temple:
Chandi devi temple perched atop Neel Parvat on the other bank of river Ganga was constructed by Suchat Singh, a Hindu King of Kashmir valley in the year 1929 A.D. It is just 3km(1.86 miles) away from Chandi ghat. Adi Shankaracharya has established the main statue of this temple in 8th century A.D. With the help of a rope way that starts near Gauri Shankar temple, one can easily reach Chandi devi temple.

Bharat Mata Temple:
Last but not the least, is a tacky modern seven -storeyed temple known as Bharat Mata Temple. Located north of Haridwar town, this temple is entirely dedicated to “Mother India”. Each floor of this temple displays an era of Indian History starting from the days of Ramayana to Indian Independence. It also displays lifelike images and statues of Indian freedom fighters and Hindu deities.

Apart from them there are some more tourist spots such as Daksh Mahadev Temple, Saptrishi Ashram and Sapt Sarovar, Sati Kund, Bhimgoda tank, Jairam Ashram, Parad Shivling, Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar, Paavan Dham Temple etc.

Nearby Excursion places:

Nearby areas of these religious town also has some famous tourist places such as

Anandamayi Ashram:
Located in Kanhal, one of the sub-cities of Haridwar, this ashram is dedicated to Shri Ma Anandamayi, noted saint of India.

Kanva Rishi Ashram:
Located 42 km (26.09 miles) from Haridwar, Kanva Rishi Ashram is built on the banks of Malini river along the forest road to Kotdwar.

Rajaji National Park:
Another nearby attraction of Haridwar is Rajaji National Park. It is 13km(8.07 miles) northeast of Haridwar and closed between June and November.

Activities To Do:

Evening Aarti At Har-Ki-Pauri:
While your trip to Haridwar, don't miss out to attend the evening aarti at Har-Ki-Pauri. The environment at this time is really enchanting.

Trip To Rajaji National Park:
You can even spent one day of your trip in this national park. It is a paradise for wildlife lovers as this national park provides shelter to various species of flora and fauna.

Best Time to visit:

There is no such ideal time to visit Haridwar. The weather of this place remains pleasant throughout the year.

How to Reach

By Road: Haridwar is on National Highway number 45 and is well connected to major Indian cities such as Delhi, Agra, Ambala, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Dehradun, Nainital, and Sharanpur. Regular state run and private buses ply from these cities to Haridwar.

By Rail: Haridwar is directly linked with all major Indian cities by Indian Railways.

By Air: Haridwar is also can be easily accessible by fight. Jolly Grant Airport , Dehradun is the nearest airport to Haridwar. Regular flights ply from Delhi Airport to Dehradun.

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